Driving the need for innovation: Why CannonLift™

Hay spears have no practical mounting surface for attaching ropes, chains, cables, come-alongs or the like to lift objects. When an attachment is wrapped around the hay spear, there is potential for slippage that can damage the object or equipment while creating an extremely dangerous condition for the operator and others nearby.

Ron Cannon saw the need for an easily removable mounting apparatus that could provide a secure and fixed mounting point for attachments on hay spears.

CannonLift™ is a revolutionary hay spear apparatus that will change the way people lift objects in their daily operations. CannonLift provides a safe, effective and efficient method to use a hay spear as a point of attachment. 

CannonLift™ Benefits:

  • Safe method to lift objects

  • Uses a slip-lock technology, providing a secure attachment

  • Protects equipment and personnel

  • Promotes efficiency in daily operations

  • Designed to fit most manufactured hay spear designs

  • Compact and easy to store

  • Forged from high-grade steel


Safety Information

To prevent detachment, the CannonLift should be angled 20+ degrees and secured to the hay spear frame (with clevis and chain) via the highlighted opening. 

The patented CannonLift™ device

The patented CannonLift™ device